Celebrating Easter in Quarantine

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Understanding Easter

Easter is a time of celebration for most Christians and Non-Christians alike. For Christians, it is a day to celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection as a traditional remembrance of what Jesus proclaimed. Jesus proclaimed he would rise after three days for the forgiveness of sins and be resurrected into Heaven.

Luke 24:6

“He is not here, but he has been raised. Remember what he said to you while he was still in Galilee, that the Son of Man must be handed over to sinners and be crucified, and rise on the third day.”

(The New American Bible, Luke 24:6)

The term Easter in (Greek, Latin) means “Resurrection Sunday”, Easter falls after Lent, a forty day sacrificial practice to give up or refrain from worldly desires and temptations (Easter). I gave up cheese, chocolate, and offered to pray every other day. The sacrifice is minor compared to what Jesus had to bare under the scrutiny of sinners and nonbelievers.

For Non-Christians many do not understand the purpose or significance of this event. I had to do a bit of reading and understanding of it myself. From what I gathered in Jesus time, the Jews honored God by sacrificing (killing) animals, lambs, sheep, goats, and doves for the forgiveness of sins. The blood of an innocent animal, pure, harmless, and sinless was used in place of the sinner, to absolve all sins and be freed of one’s misery.

Why would they do this? Well it dates back even further in the Old Testament, right after the original sin of Adam and Eve, the story of Cain and Abel. Cain killed his brother Abel, after becoming jealous of his brother. Cain offered to the Lord fruit from his harvest, but Abel killed the fattest first born sheep from his flock to offer to God, and the Lord favored Abel’s offering over Cain’s offering (The New American Bible, Genesis 4:4-5).

As time went on leading up to the New Testament of Jesus, God fearing people would continue to sacrifice animals to absolve their sins. It was Jesus who changed this tradition by stating he was the new lamb, the new offering for the forgiveness of sins.

Celebrating at Home In Quarantine

Now that the educational portion of Easter is covered, how do we come together to contribute our acknowledgement of the resurrection of Jesus Christ while in quarantine? In other words celebrate Easter together? I for one have no other means than to celebrate by the use of modern technology. So I will share some of my celebration suggestions below:

  1. Live Stream Mass Online: Most churches will offer mass online for you to tune into. My church has a dedicated Facebook page to watch mass take place. There is always YouTube, offering mass streamed live for free at no cost to you. Subscribing to YouTube channels are also free of cost other than your typical monthly internet bill. You can also do this on your phone if you don’t have a computer. If you have an Apple TV unit, you can live stream from Facebook to your Apple TV. On Xbox you can download Microsoft edge app and type in your church name on Facebook page and it should populate.
  2. Video Chat with Family Members Online: I had to guide my in-laws on how to do FaceTime on their ipad the other night. Believe it or not, my husband didn’t even know how to do this until I showed him his mom’s email could also be used to FaceTime. Since Easter is often celebrated with family, FaceTime could be beneficial at a time like this. If you are not an apple fan, other sources such as Skype, Amazon Chime could be used to view and chat with family online.
  3. Cook an Amazing Dinner at Home: Since being stuck in quarantine my dinners have been short from amazing. I do have a chicken roast that I can make for tonight with fresh mixed vegetables and a side of wild rice. Unfortunately, we have no other option right now other than to cook from home.
  4. Send a Gift: It is always a nice gesture and a great surprise to receive flowers from a loved one. I was shocked to find out that Amazon sends home delivery flowers to your loved ones door! You can also send Easter gifts to children using Amazon prime for second day shipping. It might be too late to send a gift today, but it is still better than never sending anything at all! (Send an Easter gift to a child here, Easter Gifts). There are many options to choose from, books, bunnies, easter eggs, coloring kits. I also encourage you to donate to a nearby church or charity on this special day, for those who have no other means to support themselves during this difficult time. I typically donate to my local church online. You can find online donations for a church who will give back to the homeless, offer children’s teachings, and provide food for the priests or pastors who preach to the people.
  5. Color Easter Eggs at Home: I remember coloring eggs at home when I was just a kid. My family used to save up all the egg shells we used for breakfast and color them on Easter. It was a fun tradition that can still be done in quarantine
  6. Have an Easter Egg Hunt: Children can still have their fun filled Easter egg hunt in the backyard during quarantine. Seeing their happy laughing faces run across the lawn is a joy I personally won’t get to see today, but I am sure my sisters with children will take in all the joy and laughter of the days festivities.
  7. Watch a Movie: The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection movie by Mel Gibson can be watched on Amazon Prime Video for free if you have a membership for the entire year. Even though this movie is hard to watch, it really puts into perspective the persecution of Jesus Christ and the love he has for each and everyone of us. If you have children, there are several Christian children’s videos and cartoons of found on Amazon prime video. If you don’t have Amazon Prime Video membership, you can start your thirty day free trial down below by clicking on the blue banner.

Happy Celebrating!

So whether you are Christian or not, I wish you a Happy Easter and Alms giving to everyone of you! Stay strong and hopeful during this time and remember love prevails overall. Blessings to you and your family.

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